Assist.Prof. Dr. Barbara Stiglbauer

E-mail Barbara_Stiglbauer “When You Think You Have All the Answers, Life Changes the Questions”
Phone +43 732 2468 – 7278
Fax +43 732 2468 – 7280
Room K 201A (Kepler Building, 2nd floor)
Address Johannes Kepler University Linz
Institute of Education and Psychology
Altenbergerstr. 69
4040 Linz

Office hours for students

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Research interests

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  • Meaning of Work – What makes work meaningful?
  • Stress, health, and well-being at work: Do appraisals and consequences of job demands and resources (e.g., job insecurity, time pressure, and autonomy) differ across certain circumstances?
  • Technological „self-trends“: What’s the impact of today’s trends towards self-presentation (e.g., selfies) and self-tracking (“quantified self”) on individuals’ health, well-being, and self-concept?


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Currently at the JKU:

  • KS Work and Organizational Psychology
  • SE Organizational Psychology
  • KS Buying Behavior

Currently at the FH Hagenberg:

  • Work Psychology


  • KS New Media in Organizations (winter 2012/13, summer 2013, winter 2013/14)
  • IK Quantitative Research Methods (Doctorate of Humanities and Social Sciences and Economics) (summer 2011, winter 2011/12, summer 2012, winter 2012/13, summer 2013)
  • KS Evaluation of E-Learning Scenarios (winter 2009/10, winter 2010/11, winter 2011/12)
  • IK Evaluation of E-Learning Scenarios (winter 2010/11)
  • PS Project Seminar E-Learning II (summer 2010, summer 2011, summer 2012)
  • SE Introduction to the Basics of Research – Quantitative Research (University of Education of Upper Austria)

Research accomplishments

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Curriculum vitae

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Higher education and training
03/17 – 09/17 Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (RYS 200 hours)
09/12 – 10/12 Training in psychology of home environments, Austrian Academy of Psychology (AAP)
10/09 – 11/12 Doctorate of Humanities and Cultural Studies (Psychology), Johannes Kepler University Linz
11/07 – 03/09 Training for Sports Psychologist, Platform for Applied Sport Psychology in Austria
11/07 – 01/09 Training for Clinical Psychologist & Health Psychologist, Institute for Behavior Therapy – AVM Salzburg
10/04 – 11/07 Diploma studies psychology, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg


Work experience
04/15 – present Assistant professor, Department for Work, Organizational and Media Psychology, Johannes Kepler University Linz
12/13 – 04/15 University assistant with doctorate, Department for Work, Organizational and Media Psychology, Johannes Kepler University Linz
01/13 – 10/13 Work Psychologist at the Occupational Health Service center in Linz
07/11 – 06/12 Project assistant, Institute of Education and Psychology, Johannes Kepler University Linz; Project “Students Develop School”, sponsored by Sparkling Science, BMWF
06/11 – 11/13 University assistant with diploma, Department of Work, Organizational and Media Psychology, Johannes Kepler University Linz
01/09 – 10/10 Project Assistant, Department eLearning, JKU Linz; Project “Student Online Panel ‘, sponsored by Sparkling Science, BMWF
03/08 – 11/08 Psychologist at the Christian Doppler Clinic in Salzburg, General Psychiatry, Psychiatry of Addictions, Neurology

Scholarships / Awards

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  • Scholarship for outstanding academic achievements, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Paris Lodron University Salzburg (1st and 2nd stage of study)
  • Honorary award 2008 of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Vienna
  • Poster Price, Conference General Online Research 10, Pforzheim