Cognitive and Emotional Processes of Narrative Persuasion (FWF / DFG)

Stories are an effective tool to change attitudes. In our everyday life we are constantly surrounded by them, either as a film or novel, journalistic work or in the form of advertising or political campaigns.
The research project deals with the psychological processes that are connected with this changes in attitude. Numerous studies suggest that “transportation”, meaning the process to put oneselve in the world of the narrative, is the determining mechanism. A series of experiments should investigate how this changing of attitudes takes place.


Funding: FWF Austrian Science Fund and DFG German Research Foundation (Lead Agency)


Budget: 320 000 € (JKU Linz und University Kassel)


Project duration: Since July 2012


Principal investigatorAssoc.-Prof. Dr. Markus Appel


JKU Linz: Constanze Schreiner, Mag.a Martina Mara
Universität Kassel: Prof. Dr. Tobias Richter