Student Online Panel

An Online Panel is an infrastructure for social science survey research consisting of the following elements: (i) a pool of people who agree to repeatedly participate in internet-based surveys; (ii) an internet-based web application which provides an interface and framework for all the phases of conducting an online research study (namely: design of the survey instrument, recruiting participants for the study, response rate control, data cleaning and analysis), is technically operated and administered; and (iii) various individual studies in which social science issues that are relevant for the aquired pool of people can be explored.


This project aims to design, build, test and evaluate an Austrian student online panel that offers the chance to conduct student-related social science studies. The project attempts to develop a research partnership between students, teachers, and scientists in order to ensure that the concept of a panel designed for student use is realized in an attractive and useful way that fosters current educational goals (competence in understanding, designing and interpreting social science studies, which is often addressed in the public and economic sector).


Project duration: 2008 – 2010


Fudning: Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMWF) Sparkling Science


Budget: 180 000 €







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Conference contributes

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  • 2. Platz im Handlungsfeld Kommunikation und Entscheidungsfindung des Sustainability Awards 2010
  • Best Paper Award der General Online Research 2010