Methods Toolbox

Several institutes and departments (including Statistics, Sociology, AOM, Distributive Trades) at the Johannes Kepler University offer courses dealing with the topic “Quantitative Methods.” In spite of their focus on subject-specific applications, these courses have large areas of overlapping content. Before the start of this project, possible synergies between departments and lecturers had barely been explored.


The first step of the “Methods Toolbox” project consisted of identifying such areas of overlap. Based on this, hypervideos of individual talks or entire lectures were created and made available online, along with appropriate course materials. The resulting eLectures were placed on an online platform allowing free access to all participants.


Funding: The project was funded by the Federal Ministry for Science and Research and the JKU Linz as part of the LIPSTIC-project. The JKU Central Informatic Services (ZID) / eLearning (Mag. Kurt Rosivatz) provided technical support.


Budget:  8 100 € and one employee position for 1.5 years


Project duration: October 2006 – 2008


Principle investigator: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernad Batinic


Participants: Mag. Timo Gnambs, Mag. Kurt Rosivatz (KUSSS), Dr. Markus Appel, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann Bacher (AES), Christine Duller (IFAS), Ass.Prof. Dr. Joachim Nemella (AES), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Werani (b2b)