Intergenerational Co-located Play for Old and Young (InterPlayces)

The project proposal InterPlayces introduces an approach for conceptualizing and creating intergenerational game and interaction designs for the older and younger generation via a co-located playground. With these playful artefacts the social and emotional well-being, as well as the bond between young and old are fostered. Games and playful mechanics are utilized to initialize and strengthen the knowledge transfer and exchange between the generations. To reach the defined research goals, game design concepts are developed that address the various needs and requirements of the different player groups. This is achieved through player roles that are adapted to the needs of the players, as well as via effective and intuitive interaction techniques and methods.


Funding: The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)


Budget: 242 000 € (JKU: 23 946 €)


Project duration: January 2016 – June 2018



Principal Investigator:

FH-Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hagler, FH-Prof. Dr. Michael Lankes and FH-Prof. Dr. Clemens Holzmann (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)

Project participants:

JKU Linz: Prof. Dr. Bernad Batinic, Dr. Barbara Stiglbauer, Mag. Fabiola Gattringer
NETURAL GmbH: Dr. Stephan Lechner, DI(FH) Markus Pargfrieder, Ernst Demmel und Mag. Kathrin Hausberger
Welios Betriebs-GmbH, Science Center Wels: Mag. Michael Holl und Mag. Leo Ludick