Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning (CSCL)

Effectiveness of computer-supported cooperative learning (CSCL) with the help of asynchronous communication tools

At the center of this project lay the question of the effectiveness of asynchronous communication tools in cooperative learning scenarios. Previous research results suggest that structuring interaction and communication has a positive impact on cooperative learning. Three asynchronous communication tools (blog, wiki and discussion forum) were used and tested during a university course. It was assumed that the three tools differ in their degree of structuring. Blogs and discussion forums differ in this respect from a wiki. It was assumed that the groups using a blog or a discussion forum would achieve better results than the group which used a wiki to complete the task. Participants of the course were randomly assigned to a group which had to complete the same task using either a discussion forum, a wiki, or a webblog. Group results, including satisfaction with the group work, coordination of the participants, and acquired knowledge, were assessed using an online questionnaire.

Computer-supported collaborative learning using wiki, chat and forum. Context of collaborative learning strategies and effective group results.

Collaborative learning is characterized by specific activities and strategies. It is assumed that learners with increased collaborative learning strategies achieve better group results than those who show these activities to a lesser extent or not at all. The study groups were provided with a wiki, a chat room, and an online discussion forum for completing a task. The resulting group learning strategies were identified using content analysis. As predicted, “collaborative learners” achieved significantly better results than “content performers” (those who acted less collaboratively). Furthermore, the influence of utilization and learning strategies on individual knowledge and overall performance was investigated.


Project duration: 2004-2007


Participants: Tanja Jadin, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernad Batinic


Publications and Talks

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Reference project
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